Maintenance to professionally working wife

Here are some judgments which deals  with No Maintenance to professionally working wife


If both husband and wife equally qualified

“no law provides that a husband has to maintain a wife, living separately from him, irrespective of the fact whether he earns or not. Court cannot tell the husband that he should beg, borrow or steal but give maintenance to the wife, more so when the husband and wife are almost equally qualified and almost equally capable of earning. ”


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Solution for Data Theft

The IT firms today are playing on Big Data an they should prevent their data from data theft, from User information like E-mail Ids, passwords,credit card number or may be any other sensitive data in your system for personal use or may be for business plans are all sensitive data and unauthorized access by your employees can create business problems and may be loss of reputation.The loss of information by a person who accesses your company data is covered under Data Theft In a recent case of a call center where an employee stole the sensitive data of the customers and later they misused the data by impersonating as company employees and defrauding the customers in the name of original entity company, thereby that BPO lost all the sensitive data and reputation.

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ALL About General Power of Attorney

What is a general power of attorney?

A power of attorney is an instrument that is used by people to confer authority on somebody else to legally act on their behalf. They can be of two types — special power of attorney (SPA) and general power of attorney (GPA). While an SPA is used for transfer of a specific right to the person on whom it is conferred, the GPA authorizes the holder to do whatever is necessary. For example, in property ‘sales’ using this instrument, the buyer gets a GPA from the seller not only for his own use of the property, but for further ‘sale’ to someone else if he so desires. Of course, a GPA holder can only ‘sell’ the property through another GPA.

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