Month: November 2014

Strategy to reduce Interim maintenance award

Your interim maintenance /maintenance case is pending and you wish not to give the amount to your wife. Here are some tips to help you-: 1. Show lowest [...]

Why you should do digital marketing cautiously?

These days we see lot of digital marketing companies and freelancers which are doing excellent job in running marketing campaigns. But what a customer of [...]

Why your E-Commerce Terms & Conditions are useless.

Are you an E commerce start up? Having terms and conditions on your webpage is mandatory part on webpage, But do you know what's its legal sanctity and why it [...]

Essentials of Turnkey Agreements for Start ups.

Wishing to enter into an agreement with computer hardware/software vendor If you are a startup these are the essentials you should keep in mind before [...]

Rash and negligent driving

Rash and negligent driving Section 279 of IPC covers rash and negligent driving for prosecution of cases where driver of the motor vehicle likely to injure [...]
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