Month: September 2014

Admissibility of watsapp, facebook,sms email as evidence.

Thinking of filing E-mail communication,watsapp chats, facebook chats as evidence. Think again make sure you comply with section 65B of the evidence act as [...]

When your cheque is bounced multiple times!!

If you have presented your cheque and it has bounced  and you did not take any action and after few days you again presented the cheque and it again gets [...]

Legality of benami properties!!

A Benami property is a property wherein the person who actually pays the consideration of the property (purchaser), purchases the property in the name of other [...]

Law related to Forgery!!

Here are the few judgements which would help you in defining forgery in a better sense, apply it in your case to determine whether allegations constitute [...]

Company Registration—Part-2

After the approval of INC-1 your 50% work is over Now the next step is to fill the INC-7 form for Application for incorporation of a company You may need [...]

How to register a company Part-1?

Here is the step by step guide for registering a company- Wishing to start a company or a start-ups here is the valuable piece of information which would help [...]
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