Month: August 2014


Marriage is one of the most important social institutions of human society. Marriages are decided in heaven and arranged on earth. It is a solemn [...]

RTI for Change…

I had Recently filed an RTI in Tihar Jail, Regarding number of prisoners who are in jail because of failure of police to file a charge sheet against them [...]

Precautions to prevent cheque bounce

If a cheque given to you by someone has bounced here are the precaution which you may take before dealing with the cheques or money transactions to avoid any [...]

Coal Scam: Comic way to understand it

Well for those who are unable to understand the Coalgate and want to understand it in a simple hilarious way, here read this post… Actors Coal-everybody [...]

Why LGBT Sex is an alien issue for Indian Society….

Recently there was lot of hue and cry related to the unconstitutionality of IPC-377, which actually penalizes LGBT sex in the country, yes its an age old law [...]


Prime Minister today at his independence day speech invited citizens to participate in accelerating manufacturing in India, But Mr. Prime Minister first is the [...]

Getting threatening calls from wife to lodge false 498a?

I have received lot of queries regarding many people that their spouse is threatening them to lodge false cases, raising certain demands etc etc. Here are the [...]

Independence Day Free Legal Aid Program-8 Aug-16 Aug

This independence day get a respite from your legal issues, from LexSpeak. For promoting access to justice and facilitating legal awareness LexSpeak offers [...]

Why its better to give Divorce

Marriages are made in heaven and divorces are made in courts.Relationships are complex and they do end up sometimes. Nowadays in Indian society, divorces are [...]

Prepared to Quash 498a False case!!

Quashing of 498a is not easy, a petition under 482 CrPC is often filed in the HC if a person is aggrieved by a false case, here are the points which would [...]
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