Some important judgement on Maintenance Section 125 CrPC

Some important judgement on Maintenance Section 125 CrPC

Where the wife claims maintenance under Section 125, she must positively aver in her petition that she is unable to maintain herself in addition to the facts that her husband has sufficient means to maintain her and that he has neglected to maintain her.”

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Haunsabai vs Balkrishna Krishna Badigar on 13/2/1980 


How Maintenance to wife is assessed in S.24 HMA

125 CrPc-How to alter the maintainance

Interim Maintenance-How courts calculate

Interim Maintenance Reduced Judgments

All About Maintenance and Interim Maintainence



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What is DV(Domestic Violence ) Act?


Who are the primary beneficiaries of this Act?

Women and children. Section 2(a) of the Act will help any woman who is or has been in a domestic relationship with the ‘respondent’ in the case.

It empowers women to file a case against a person with whom she is having a ‘domestic relationship’ in a ‘shared household’, and who has subjected her to ‘domestic violence’.

Children are also covered the act; they too can file a case against a parent or parents who are tormenting or torturing them, physically, mentally, or economically. Any person can file a complaint on behalf of a child. Continue reading

Time Management:Legally Speaking

For a great legal practice, more than the work you do its the management of time which is needed to be focused upon.An analysis of your whole day work would be a starting point, follow these steps and you would master your time and build a great legal practice in a far less time.

1. Plan Your Day-: You need to follow 80/20 rule, this rule states that you need to do most priority job first i.e you need to identify those 20% tasks which are most important and scheduled for the day which would generate 80% of your output or may be revenue, Mundane tasks must be dealt with


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