Month: August 2013


Section 4(1)(b) of the RTI Act states that every public authority shall publish the particulars of its organization, functions and duties, the powers and [...]

Law Related to acquiescence

In law, acquiescence occurs when a person knowingly stands by without raising any objection to the infringement of their rights, while someone else [...]


Usually at late night, when I am done with all my work I look for horror movies online. Yesterday, while doing the same, I came across Karla Homolka. Karla is [...]

who can prosecute you to pay a challan for Motor vehicles?

while I was travelling in Delhi in my car, I witnessed policemen which were not from the traffic police was prosecuting a driver for jumping a red light, Now [...]

The One Sided Philosophy of Female Criminality-I

Women love flowers, women love chocolates, women love all that is pink. Women are kind, caring and gentle. Women are nice and affectionate. This is the [...]

why its easier to do illegal sand mining in UP?

1. Sand mining is a lucrative business, as demand of high quality is high than supply, naturally I will get more money per ton of sand, As government is not [...]


Facebook helped me a lot in preparing for my law entrance. The ‘Clat Hacker’ group was indeed of great help. So were groups like NLUD Hacker, CLATGyan [...]

Software Patents in India

India having a vast IT sector with so many talented engineers using their software development techniques to build and innovate new software and driving the [...]


The interview of Ashok Singhal by a news channel dragged all my attentions to a very important liability. With all the charm this liability is called “Act of [...]

Concept of Muslim Marriage and divorce

                                                    A Muslim is called a kithabi. A Muslim has to definitely marry a kithabi that [...]
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